Women in Business

We find ourselves looking at today’s Telegraph and wondering how helpful this article actually is – Secret Diary – Our Board Babe on Naked Ambition
Recourse to the Beauty Myth in order to promote women in business?  Yes, there is an endemic problem with women in high profile jobs – academia is no exception – but drawing any comparison to the sorts of female solidarity we might get in the gym seems peculiarly misplaced. As to ‘Board Babe’ – well, it seems denigrating in the extreme to address a professional woman and her career in such a fashion.
A better article out today in ‘The Irish Times’ provides a more dignified discussion – I’ve done the maths: there are too few women in science

But why this problem? Is it because women may have breaks in their career for family and childcare issues? Because universities are still bastions of male privilege? How do we address this? Answers on a postcard or in a monograph, please!


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