Welcome to the Gendered Subjects Research Group, University of Northumbria, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

Our history:

This research group was first formed in 1999 by Victoria Bazin, Hilary Fawcett and Rosie White. Gendered Subjects examines  the politics of representing gender in literature, film, design and popular culture.   

The group’s first event was an international conference at Northumbria University in April 2000 which considered debates around women, age and difference.  In 2002/2003 Gendered Subjects hosted a seminar series at Northumbria on Gender and Representation which ran throughout the year.   

Julie Scanlon arrived in 2005 and Gendered Subjects organized a further series of seminars in 2007/2008. This series examined the relationship between gender and culture and included presentations on Spanish cinema, independent film making and celebrity.

Melanie Waters joined the research group on her arrival at Northumbria in 2008 and Claire Nally arrived in 2011. The Gendered Subjects group was instrumental in establishing the MRes Gender Studies programme which first ran in 2010/11.



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